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Identity verification platform

Verify more customers with Vouchsafe

Verify your customers quickly and safely, even when they don’t have a passport or driving licence

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Verify 100% of customers

Turn potential customers into customers with the most forward-thinking and inclusive identification platform in the market.

Onboard with less friction

No passport, no problem. Our vouching technology allows someone in your customer’s network to vouch for them. This will help to prove their identity and to give users a quick, easy onboarding experience.

Stop leaving money on the table

Traditional ID verification platforms don’t verify 20% of potential UK customers without a passport and/or driving licence. Stop leaving money on table by engaging that 1 in 5 with Vouchsafe.

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Quick and easy identification

Identification should be frictionless for both you and your clients. No more hassle—let’s get customers identified seamlessly.

Speedy onboarding just got speedier

By using Vouchsafe, you'll be able to onboard more clients and allow your staff to focus on the onboarding rather than the identification verification—we’ll handle that!

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Robust fraud protection

Vouchsafe improves customer onboarding while maintaining strict fraud prevention.

Confidently verify

We combine video selfies and third-party background checks with our original vouching system.

Backed by orgs of all kinds

Onboard users, employees and volunteers as well as customers. Vouchsafe is used by companies, public sector and charity sector organisations alike.

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Radically inclusive

We believe everyone has the right to get the services and support they need to do everyday things like set up a bank account, vote and apply for a mortgage even if they don’t have a passport or driving licence.

Identify anyone anywhere

We’ve designed Vouchsafe to be as easy to use as possible for companies and individuals. We continually test with users to make it easier to use for everyone regardless of digital literacy.

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Vouchsafe process

How Vouchsafe works

  1. 01

    User selects referee

    The user provides some basic information and takes a video selfie, and provides whatever evidence they can to support their case.

  2. 02

    Referee helps out

    The referee certifies that the user is who they say they are, and verifies their own identity by scanning a document.

  3. 03

    User is verified

    Vouchsafe runs a bespoke mix of background anti-fraud checks to verify the user's identity.

Identification. Just better. Identification. Just better. Identification. Just better. Identification. Just better. Identification. Just better. Identification. Just better.


Life at Vouchsafe

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Accreditations & certifications

Secure and comprehensive

Vouchsafe is compliant with the standards that industry regulators expect

Frequently asked questions

Common questions

We have plenty more content coming soon that goes in depth on a variety of topics but but here are answers to the most common questions.

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