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📢 Scottish Government chooses VouchSafe — Read the full announcement

We're making ID work for everyone

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The problem

Over 11 million people in the UK don’t have ID

Without a document like a passport or driving license, you’ll struggle to access housing, banking, healthcare and even voting in elections.

The solution

Prove who you are through your trusted relationships

VouchSafe is the only product on the market that lets you prove your identity without relying on a traditional paper ID document.

Move fast and fix things

Co-created with the people who need it most

To many of us, being unable to prove who we are is an annoyance or frustration, but to others it’s life or livelihood-threatening.

We’re working closely with charities and advocacy groups for refugees, homeless people and survivors of domestic abuse to make VouchSafe in a responsible way.

This could make life so much easier for so many vulnerable peopleA volunteering manager at Crisis

Who's using it

VouchSafe is being built and tested by a growing partnership of public, private and charity sector bodies.

Could VouchSafe help you?

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